Jun 2016

By Lily Lawson

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A Look Inside our Model Nicolette's Wardrobe

This week for Model Monday, we will take look at how our ever-stylish model Nicolette navigates some of the different facets of a model's life, through her wardrobe choices.

What I wear to workout 

Like most people, my workout outfit is pretty simple . I just wear a sports bra, leggings, and comfy tennis shoes. As I walk to gym, I always like to wear my Pietra Dura ball cap to keep the Mumbai sun out of my face, plus it's super cute.

My standard casting outfit

I like to wear fitted jeans and a tank to all of my castings, unless I'm asked to wear something specific. It's nice to keep it plain and simple, so that the client can see your figure. Most of the time I'm indoors or in the car, so I like to wear a shawl incase it gets a bit chilly with the AC.

What I wear to work

Once I have booked a job I always like to dress in something that is easy to change in and out of. This is easier for me and the rest of the team. The makeup artist and hair stylist won't want me in anything that when I change out of it, could possibly mess up my makeup or hair. I tend to always make it mandatory to wear a loose top and a sports bra with loose straps that I can pull down while getting my makeup and hair done, and then I always pack a nude bra to put on after my hair and makeup is finished.

What I wear on my days off

This outfit is nice for Mumbai, because it is very breezy and comfy. It gets really hot when I'm out at the markets getting vegetables or whatever necessities I may need. I also keep my hair pulled back because it keeps me a lot cooler and it's less to deal with. When I'm running around I'm usually doing a lot of walking, so comfy sandals are a must.

Written by- Nicolette