Dec 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Back to Basics

This Model Monday we will applaud a man, who despite his humble background, made it to the top of the fashion industry. Inder Bajwa, recognized as the face of Raymond’s “The Complete Man” campaign, is nothing short of the title.

There are multiple stories of people coming from far off villages in India making their stand in the fashion industry. Inder’s story, however, is one of strategy, conquest and ultimately surrender.

Born in Bajwa Kalan in Punjab to a modest farming family, Inder had no connections in the fashion industry when he first arrived in Bombay. What he did have, was a burning fire within him to make it big, be known and acknowledge. He achieved it all, by making the right choices and connections, as well as through sheer hard work and determination.

After watching a fashion show on TV, Inder decided that should he lose 25Kgs and build muscle, he too could be a model. This was no easy feat. Nevertheless, Inder put in the work required and made it happen. What makes Inder’s story truly inspiring is that he is a man who came from nothing, achieved so much, and willingly left it all for a cause.

After spending a decade in Bombay and traveling all over the world for fashion shows, Inder is now back in his hometown in Punjab making a difference. Inder’s mission now, is to uplift the Punjabi youth in the current context of the drug menace that the state is facing. To do this, he has started a Kabaddi team that holds matches regularly. As of now, he has thirty Punjabi boys who train with him on an everyday basis. They practice Punjabi style (circle style) kabaddi, which Inder prefers over other styles, because he finds it more exciting.
Kabaddi, he says, is a good pastime for the boys, as it keeps them busy, entertained and is a source of income for the youth. All this works to keep the boys out of bad habits.
Kudos to Inder for the success he has achieved! I personally feel that true success is when we can make a difference not only in our own lives, but can also influence, guide and better the lives of those around us.

Written by- Natasha