Dec 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Balancing Life as a Model

The life of a model isn’t as glamorous as one might first imagine. Behind that one beautiful shot or the flawless walk, lies years of hard work and preparation. In this competitive industry, with all of us trying to make a name for ourselves, how can one keep sane?

The frenzy doesn’t just begin with shoots and shows; it starts many months before with  attending casting calls, fittings and rehersals. As such, our hectic schedules give us minimal time to relax.

The important question that lies in front of us is: how can we balance our work schedule with other important aspects of our lives?

One of the ways in which we can keep our soul and mind relaxed is by incorporating the age old Indian art, Yoga into our daily fitness routines. Yoga helps one to achieve inner peace, mental srtrength, and physical fitness, along with emotional stability. If one is in harmony with their inner self, the journey through life becomes happier, calmer and the feeling of fulfillment grows.

With our extremely busy calendars, it can become diificult to stay in touch with family and friends. Hence, it is important to take time off from our hectic lives to spend some quality time with our loved ones every now and then. During this time, one can strategise for the future too, and get some much needed alone time.

Also important, is to make time for our passions and hobbies outside of modelling, even while traveling. It can be difficult to incorporate these passions into our lives in amongst our work schedules, but with the correct time management and research, it can be done. These passions are something that help us stay connected to the world outside of the industry, making them an important aspect of living a balanced life as a model.

We all know the food that we eat effects us physically as well as mentally. It cannot be stressed enough how important food is in terms of not only how we look, but how we feel; so that we can perform our best on the job. Everyone is diffferent , and so different eating patterns and foods will effect us differently. However, generally speaking, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables in small meals throughout the day keeps one constantly energized. In the same light, it is vital to drink lots of water to look and feel ones best.

At the end of the day, whichever profession one follows, it is extremely important to keep a balance between the different areas of our lives so that we can thrive. As Thomas Merton says, “Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.

Written by Garima Jain