Nov 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Husn-e-Taairaat by Rohit Bal for Good Earth

On Saturday the 12th of November I had the privilege of attending the launch of our creative director and mentor, Rohit Bal’s limited edition range, Husn-e-Taairaat, for Good Earth. It was a marvellous evening filled with beauty and splendour.
Good Earth was founded in 1996, and is known for their story telling through surface design. Good Earth designs are inspired by India’s unique history and heritage, as well as by nature.  This can be seen in Rohit Bal’s exquisite range, which is inspired by a traditional vintage Pichhwai painting. Pichhwai paintings are characteristic of the Rajasthani Nathwara School of painting that depict various scenes of Lord Krishna. Pichhwais are traditional hand painted textiles created to be placed behind the idols as backdrops in temples and shrines. With this in mind, the inspiration can clearly be seen weaving its way through the entire collection.
The collection is named Husn-e-Taairaat, which means the beauty of a bird in Persian, and elegantly depicts a story of graceful peacocks with gliding lotuses. Each piece tells a story of opulence with muted green, deep blue, a touch of pink and detailing in gold lustre.  The collectable Husn-e-Taairaat collection includes home and décor pieces including cushions, ceramic, fine bone china and glassware, as well as pure silk garments. Each piece is a work of art on its own and a breath-taking vision of perfection.