Dec 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Interview with our Exceptional Rocio

  1. Name? 
Rocio Guzman Gallardo
  1. Nationality?
  1. How did you become a model?
I knew a photographer three years ago, who asked if I would like to shoot for a local clothing brand, and I said yes. After I did this shoot, more and more people told me they liked my pictures and that I should model more. After this, I started doing more shoots and commercials.
  1. What did you do before you became a model?
My first job in my life is that I am a mother, but I’m also a yoga teacher and business woman. However, before I started modelling, I studied civil engineering and worked in this field.
  1. What is you favourite shoot that you have done and why?
My favourite shoot that I have done was in the nature, in a river near my home. I felt so free in the natural beauty, and I enjoyed the artistic concept.
  1. How did you feel during your first photo shoot?
I felt nervous, but the photographer told me not to care too much, and to relax. I relaxed and enjoyed the shoot after he told me this, and have never stopped modelling since.
  1. Describe yourself in five words.
  1. What do you snack on between castings?
I like to eat salad, I always take fruit and water with me and I like eating dried fruit. Sometimes I will pack a sandwich. I eat a lot and always make sure that I have food with me.
  1. What is one makeup product you can’t live without?
I think the only product I can’t live without is shampoo, because I like to stay clean everyday!
  1. How do you keep in shape?
I’m a yoga teacher and I surf too. I also try to do four days a week of training at the gym, and I love to go trekking outdoors.
  1. Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion industry?
I love the Victoria’s Secret shoots, and Dior too!
  1. What do your family and friends think about you being a model?
At first they said I am too old to start modelling. But when they saw me work and all the things that models can experience they started to support me and are more positive about it.
  1. Why did you choose to come model in Mumbai?
My whole life I have been curious about India. I find India a fascinating country with all the colours, textures and textiles. On the other hand, I also love all the cultures, religions and peaceful mind set in India. I think Mumbai is a good city for models, because it is so safe in comparison to the rest of India.
  1. What are your model goals?
I would like to continue modelling until I’m old. I look after my body so that I can look younger, but also my best for whatever age I am.
  1. What has been the best advice you have received as a model?
The best advice I have been given is to look after my body. Also, to watch my fellow models and learn from them to become a better model myself, and if I don’t know something to always ask.