Dec 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Interview with our Exquisite Debora

1. Name?

Debora Fantini

2.  Nationality?


3. How did you become a model? 

During high school, I started to publish pictures of myself on social media taken by my classmates who were doing a photography course. Via the internet with these pictures, I gained my first contacts and jobs. Honestly, I wouldn't have ever expected it!

4. What did you do before you became a model?

My family taught me the value of things and to be an independent person. I worked for some years as a graphic designer and as a photographer. When I finished my studies, I started working as a model full time in Italy, and then when I met my agent Claudia, I started to travel for modeling.

5. What are your biggest passions in life?

My work is my first passion and of course I love traveling.

6. What is your favourite shoot that you have done and why?

For me it isn’t possible to have just one favorite shoot; each shoot can have something that leaves me impressed. However, I can admit that usually my favourites are fashion shoots, editorials, and videos; because I really love working on jobs where there is no limit to the creativity and where we can break boundaries with our work.

7. How did you feel during your first photo shoot?

My first photo shoot was when I was sixteen years old in Italy. It was very exciting for me and I liked it so much, because I worked with a very good and professional team that taught me so much.

8. What would you say is the best outfit to wear to castings?

A basic top, jeans and high sandals/boots!

9. What is your beauty routine?

I have a very sensitive skin and for me it's very important treat it. At most jobs you have to wear harsh makeup all day. As such, in my routine I prefer to use different types of natural creams, scrub and soft make up.

10. What is one makeup product you can’t live without?

BB Cream, absolutely!
11. How do you keep in shape?

Those who know me well, know that I've never been great at sport. But, with this job I learned to appreciate physical activity; I like to wake up early to walk and run near the coast, go to gym and do exercise.

12. What do you like most about being a model with Pietra Dura Creative Management?

I'm really happy to have the opportunity to work with Pietra Dura Creative Management, I'm learning a lot and at the same time I'm discovering Mumbai. The Indian culture has always fascinated me!

13. What are your model goals?

To be on the cover of major magazines, obviously.

14. What would be your dream job to book while modeling in India?

At the moment I haven’t got any expectations, I need to understand the market here better, as it is still new for me.

15. What has been the best advice you have received as a model?

Don't change yourself, improve yourself!