Dec 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Interview with our Mesmerising Madina

  1. Name
Madina Urinbaeva
  1. Nationality
  1. How did you become a model?
People often told me how photogenic I am and that I should try modelling. It was also my childhood dream to be a model, so one day I sent my photos to a modelling agency and they started to work with me.
  1. What did you do before you became a model?
I studied at university. I have bachelor degree in International Law.
  1. Describe yourself in five words
Inquisitive, active, communicable, disciplined, responsible
  1.  What are your biggest passions in life?
Modelling and reading books. At shoots I become another person. I forget about tiredness, hunger and other feelings. I just enjoy my work. As for reading, I get to travel to another world and go through the characters’ lives and live in a made-up world.
  1. How do you keep in shape?
I have good genes and have always been slim. Despite this, I go to the gym three times in a week, eat a lot of fruits and drink 2 litres of water every day. I like walking in parks and try to walk 2-3- km every day. I think when your day is very active you will always be in good shape.
  1. What is one makeup product you can’t live without? 
I love to take care of my skin. I think that healthy and well-groomed skin is a part of model’s work. I admire how Japanese and Korean women care about themselves. That’s why I prefer Japanese and Korean products like Shiseido, Missha, Mizon etc. And I can’t imagine my day without cleansing oil and moisturizing cream.
  1. Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion industry?
My beauty idol is Audrey Hepburn . She is the embodiment of femininity and innocence. I admire how she could portray herself; eyes full of mischief, tender smile and female delicacy were characteristic features that made her an icon of style and beauty. I like her quote about women’s beauty: “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”.
  1. What is your favourite shoot that you have done and why?
I love shooting in Uzbek national clothes. I think that it is very interesting to see how women of your nation were dressed some centuries ago. Moreover, it’s great to feel yourself as a part of your culture and traditions.
  1. What are three pros and three cons of being a model?
Every coin has two sides. Model work is no exception. I consider that Modelling gives you a lot of opportunities. Firstly, you can see yourself in different images. Secondly, you can meet interesting and creative people. Thirdly, you can travel and get good life experiences. As for minuses, you should care more about your hair and skin, your workday is unstandardized and you have to work in uncomfortable shoes and in high heels.
  1. What would your dream job as a model be?
Chanel. It’s my favourite brand. So of course, I dream of being the face of this fashion house.
  1.  Why did you choose to come model in Mumbai?
I chose to come here, because Mumbai is so famous for its cinema and fashion industry. I watched Indian movies in my childhood and liked them very much. I adore Indian clothes for their colouring and refinement. And when I found out that I had the chance to work here,I was happy to experience this country.
  1. What are your plans for the future?
I will work in the fashion industry for as long as modelling makes me happy.
  1. What has been the best advice you have received as a model?
Every day you should become better. Work hard, not only on your body, but also on your expressions and poses.