Oct 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Interview with our Striking Patrish

1. Name
Patrish Zea
2. Nationality
3. How did you become a model?
 Everyone from family to friend had been saying I should become a model. Then one day I modeled at my friend's showcase and they really encouraged me to go and visit some agencies, so I walked in to Profile and the journey began. 
4. What did you do before you became a model?
I was in school studying and I was also doing performing arts as well, mainly acting with the Identity Drama School and a lot of theatre too working with the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of their Youth Ensemble and the Polka Theatre as part of their Young Actors. 
5. Describe yourself in five words
6. What are your biggest passions in life?
My job, spreading love to others and loving yourself, and Nigeria. 
Also I am very passionate about natural remedies and natural skincare. I make my own scrubs; the one I am currently using now is made with sea salt, shea butter, coconut oil and lemon. 
7. How do you keep in shape?
I try and do a lot of walking. Running and walking intervals are also good. I love doing yoga and pilates to improve posture and strengthen my core. 
8. What is one makeup product you can’t live without and why? 
It's not really a makeup product, more of a skincare product - Skin Food by Weleda, which is THE best for absolutely everything. You can use it on your body, I also use it on my face and it just moisturises the skin so well and gives a natural glow. 
If I have to choose a makeup product then it would be the pro longwear waterproof brow set by Mac in brown ebony. Brows frame the face and if you have nothing else on your face but your brows are filled in then you're good. 
9. Who is your biggest inspiration in the fashion industry?
There are so many inspirational people in this industry. Naomi Campbell, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid, Vivienne Westwood, and Tom Ford to name a few. 
10. What is you favourite shoot that you have done and why?
One of my favourite shoots that I have done has to be the commercial for Replay Jeans as it was filmed and shot in Barcelona and was an amazing production, with such an awesome team and was with Alessandra Ambrosio and Barcelona FC. 
11. What are three pros and three cons of being a model?
  1. I get to live my dreams.
  2. The Variety - as a model you are working on different jobs such as editorials, ecommerce, shows, fashion weeks, commercials. You have the opportunity to meet and work with so many different brands, meet new and interesting people from all over the world, which I think is quite special. No two days are the same. 
  3. Travelling with work - this job can take you to all the corners of the earth. 
It can be hard to plan ahead when you have your daily schedule come in at 6pm the night before, but you get used to it and learn to work around it - adapting is a key attribute when you're a model. 
I can't think of any other cons. 
12. What would your dream job as a model be?
Victoria's Secret. Every model's dream right? 

13. Why did you choose to come model in Mumbai?
It's different. I like different. I am different. There are not many models here with my look and at the time the opportunity was presented to me I thought that it would a very good experience, which it has proven to be so far. I still can't believe that I am here. Travel is the only thing that makes you richer and I am so grateful to be able to do a job I love whilst being able to explore different countries and cultures.  
14. What are your plans for the future?
To reach new levels as each year goes on whilst building my charity foundation for sickle cell awareness. 
15. What has been the best advice you have received as a model?
Don't take things personally and save your money! 
The best advice from myself to myself is a saying that I always say: 'what's yours is yours'. I really do believe that what is for you will not pass you by and this applies to all aspects of your life.