May 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Interview with our Superstar Nicolette!

  1. Name  
Nicolette Smith                              
  1. Nationality

United States of America
  1.  What are your biggest passions in life?
One of the biggest passions in my life is actually what I am doing right now, modeling. I enjoy every bit of it. There are days where I feel exhausted, but it does not stop me from loving every bit of it.
  1. How did you become a model?
I became a model by submitting my digitals online to agencies. I wanted to move to New York City ever since I started the 8th grade and I knew I needed to email my digitals to agencies there to get started.
  1. Describe yourself in five words
If I had to describe myself in five words the first two would be friendly and outgoing. I am always chatting with anyone who is near me, because one of my favorite things to do is talk. The other three words I would have to say describes me is goofy, caring, and sweet.
  1. What is your daily routine?
My daily routine is I wake up brush my teeth and then hop in the shower. Once I get done showering I grab some breakfast and head to work or castings. Work and castings usually take up my whole day, so once I get home I eat dinner, wash my face, brush my teeth, and head to bed. I try to sleep as much as possible, because I tend to get sleepy very easily.
  1. What would you say is the best outfit to wear to castings?
The best outfit to wear to castings is something fitted. It is always nice to wear something fashionable as well. My go to outfit is a nice pair of skinny jeans, black heels, and a black tank. I think this is the best outfit to wear because it allows the client to see how your body is built.
  1.  How do you cope with the traveling required as a model in India?
The traveling in India is a bit easy to me. The only reason why I say this is because my agency here is very helpful and sends someone with you on jobs that knows the way, so I don’t have to do much. The days that I have castings a driver takes me to each one. If my agency was not this helpful I would not be able to do it.
  1. Who has been your favourite photographer to work with and why?
My favorite photographer that I have worked with so far would most definitely be Kaustub Kamble. His work always turns out amazing. I love how during the shoots he gets so creative and he is such a talented guy to work with.
  1. How do you feel when you see your photos from shoots?

When I get my photos from shoots I get so excited. I love to see how they turned out on camera.
  1. What do your family and friends think about you being a model?
My family loves the fact of me being a model, they have always been very supportive of me. They are always asking me to send them photos or what am I up to each day. My mom and dad both have always told me to follow my dreams no matter what and they love that I am actually doing it.
  1. What are your model goals?
My main model goal is to travel and work as much as possible.
  1. What do you like most about being a model with Pietra Dura Creative Management?
The best thing about being a model with Pietra Dura Creative Management is that everyone is so friendly and they are always on top of things. It is a big pet peeve of mine that if we are working together, then we both are putting in the work that we should. It is hard to find an agency that works this hard for you each day and I love that about Pietra Dura Creative Management.
  1. Why did you choose to come model in Mumbai?
I choose to come to Mumbai, because it is unlike anywhere else in the world. They have a lot of work over here as well, so that was my main focus. 
  1.  What advice would you give to an aspiring model?
If I had to give advice to any aspiring model it would be to never give up. There will be people that say no to you a lot, but you cannot let that get to you. You have to keep trying, stay positive, and work hard every day.