Oct 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Skin Tips for Models

When I say that I have sensitive skin, I really mean it. I have returned from work with burnt skin, rashes, breakouts – you name it, I’ve experienced it. As such, I take my skin care quite seriously. However, this can be quite difficult as a model, as I’m not in complete control of what goes on my face. These few tips are what have helped me to keep my skin looking as best as possible, considering what it goes through…
  1. Beauty comes from within
There is only so much that you can do for your skin topically if you’re not taking care of it from within. Make sure that you are eating a diet that feeds your skin. Eat the rainbow; eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables will keep your skin glowing from within. As important, is to keep your skin hydrated by drinking at least two litres of water a day, and if you can, drinking a coconut a day can do wonders for your skin. In the same light, stay away from oily food, refined sugar and dairy. I saw a difference in my skin after only a few days of eliminating these things from my diet, and when I do lapse and have sugar or oily foods, I can see the difference in my skin from as soon as the following day. Once you start treating your body with love and respect and eat accordingly, it will be difficult not to notice the difference in your skin.
  1. Take note of what your skin reacts to
Over the years I have had some pretty horrendous reactions to skincare products and makeup. I have narrowed down what can and can’t be put on my face to a fine art. For example, I personally cannot use Kryolan foundation, as it makes my skin break out instantly. Strangely though, Kryolan’s Dermacolor range is one of the very few things that doesn’t make my skin break out, and what I use personally. Thus, the first thing I do when I’m at a job is politely tell the makeup artist that I am allergic to the standard Kryolan range, and that I have very sensitive skin. If the makeup artist doesn’t have any foundation or concealer other than Kryolan (which is rare) I always make sure that I have my own Dermacolor concealer with me and offer it to them to use.Knowledge is power, and knowing what your skin reacts to and being able to avoid these products makes a huge difference.
  1. Take your own foundation brush to work 
This is possibly the most important tip I can give you. Foundation brushes carry a huge amount of germs that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. You never know when last a makeup artist has cleaned their brushes, and often the same brush is shared amongst multiple models – spreading germs from one model to the next. I started to see the biggest improvement in my skin after I started taking my own foundation brush to work, which I disinfect and clean before and after every job.
  1. Remove your makeup as soon as possible and let your skin breathe
One of my favourite parts of the day is taking my makeup off after work. Make sure that you thoroughly remove your makeup as soon as possible after you have finished work, so that you give your skin a chance to breathe after a full day of being caked with makeup and under hot lights. Similarly, when you don’t absolutely have to wear makeup, such as for castings or work, try stay away from makeup or keep it minimal if you can. I know that this can be difficult for some women, and at the end of the day you need to do what makes you feel like your best self, but personally I have found that letting my skin breathe whenever I can, helps to keep it clear.
  1. Maintain a skin routine that works for you
Finding a skin routine that works takes time. But, this is so important for keeping your skin looking its best. As models, our skin goes through some pretty horrendous things, especially when shooting beauty or doing anything high fashion, so it is imperative that we keep it clean, moisturised and nourished topically. Different things work for different people, but the basics are to wash, tone and moisturise your skin, and remembering to put sun cream on daily. Two things that help my skin tremendously when I’m working a lot are toning and using rosehip oil on my skin at night.
I know it can be difficult, but the most important thing is not to get too down if your skin does start breaking out; in my experience, this only makes it worse. At the end of the day, it’s only skin and you are so much more than your appearance. And yes, as models we make a living off of our appearance, but makeup can do wonders and if a client wants to book you, they will do so regardless of your skin. What’s important is that you do your best to keep your skin clear and glowing, and that you are confident in yourself regardless of your appearance.