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The Benefits of Turmeric for Models in India

While Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years in India in cooking and beauty concoctions, it is only recently that the rest of the world has cottoned on to the benefits of this miracle spice. When in Rome, do as the Romans do; or rather, when in India do as the Indians do. As such, the following are traditional Indian uses for turmeric that models working here can benefit from.
Turmeric Face Mask
Turmeric can be used in homemade facemasks to treat acne, dry skin and oily skin. This wonder-spice can help treat acne because of its antiseptic properties, which help to prevent breakouts. A turmeric facemask will also help to clear acne scars, calm inflammation and regulate the production on sebum produced by the sebaceous glands.
For acne treatment, try mixing a generous pinch of turmeric, one tablespoon sandalwood powder, and lemon juice. Apply this to the face and neck for ten minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Alternatively, you can also simply mix turmeric powder with water into a paste and apply this for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing off.
Models who have oily skin can try mixing one and a half tablespoons of sandalwood powder, a pinch of turmeric and three tablespoons of orange juice and apply this to their face for up to fifteen minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
There are multiple other turmeric mask concoctions out there that each have their own benefits. Turmeric is know for its intense golden hue, so be sure to try a small amount of the mask somewhere hidden on your body before you apply it to your face, lest you stain your face yellow.
Turmeric to Treat Dandruff
For years turmeric has been used in India to treat scalp issues like dandruff. To do this, mix turmeric and olive oil into a paste and apply to your scalp for fifteen minutes before washing it out with shampoo. Turmeric is effective at removing dandruff as it increases circulation to the scalp, thus providing nutrition to the hair follicles.
Fade Stretch Marks
Turmeric has been noted to help fade obvious stretch marks when used in a mixture with gram flour and water and applied for fifteen minutes before showering.
Prevents Hair loss
Curcumin, a component of turmeric, inhibits the activity of growth agent beta one, otherwise known as TGF beta 1, which is responsible for the death of hair follicles and thus hair loss. By consuming turmeric daily you can reap its many benefits, along with its anti-inflammatory properties, and thus anti hair fall benefits. To reap the rewards of turmeric, have between a quarter of a teaspoon to half a teaspoon daily, no more. You can sprinkle it into each meal with black pepper to help with absorption to make sure you consume enough daily.
A Natural Body Exfoliator
Regular use of turmeric in a homemade body exfoliator can get rid of dead skin cells, and give your body a natural glow. Simply mix gram flour, turmeric and water and use this as an exfoliator when showering.
The benefits and uses for turmeric are endless, and well worth researching further. The above are merely some of the more common uses for this beautiful spice, and another reminder that more often than not we need only look to mother nature for a cure for our ailments.