Sep 2016

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What I Ate in a Day - Yasemin

This week for Model Monday our model and actress Yasemin kindly put together a food diary of what she ate in a day during her busy work schedule while shooting for the TV serial Badho Bahu.
After having a big coffee, black with a little bit of milk and no sugar, I drank coconut water on the way to my job – I try do this every day for all the wonderful health benefits that a coconut has to offer.
I usually don't eat right after waking up, so for breakfast today I had bananas and an apple with ginger chai as soon as my make up was done.  I always start my day with fruit, regardless of what time I wake up; I have to have my fruits for my vitamin kick and also for my digestion. Your body is "cleaning out" when you wake up and fruits support this process, as they are easily digestible.

Morning Snack:
I try to keep healthy while snacking, so I always carry dates and almonds or other dry fruits. Today I had a chopped banana with some sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and a few dates.
Since I found Bombay Salad Co in Bandra, I eat there almost every day or carry a salad to my shoot. If that isn't possible I have the set food, which luckily on this job, is quite good. For today’s lunch I had some salad from Bombay Salad Co with some rice and chickpeas.

Afternoon Snack:
I have to admit that I’m drinking a lot of chai in between takes, and I really love it as it gives me the energy that I need when I have an afternoon slump. I have it with a lot of ginger and no sugar.

Tonight for dinner I had sautéed spinach, capsicum and zucchini with tofu and parsley. I try to eat salad as often as possible, so I also made a simple salad for the side with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber and a dressing that I made with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, mustard and salt.