Jul 2016

By Lily Lawson

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Why Models Love Coconuts

We all know that coconuts are amazing. I’ve lost count of all the articles I’ve read about coconuts and their innumerable benefits. Thus, this week for Model Monday some of my fellow Pietra Dura Creative Management models and I have taken it upon ourselves to share what our favourite uses for coconuts are as models.

Coconuts are one of the biggest blessings from nature. Every single part can be utilized; from the water, to the milk, to the cream, to the husk. Two common uses in my day-to-day life are that I like to replace unethical milk from animals with delicious creamy coconut milk, and I also like to fry pancakes in coconut oil to make them more delicious.

Even though I would recommend coconut water at any time, on very hot days, especially if you have outdoor shoots in India, drinking coconut water is the best way to keep hydrated.
I personally love to use coconut oil as a moisturizer. It hydrates my skin and gives it a little shimmery glow as well. My favorite time to use it is right after I shower, so that my skin absorbs it easier.

Nuts for coconuts? I certainly am! My move to Mumbai has definitely catered to that love. Here are a few tips that I have for my obsession with coconuts. In the morning I start simple by dicing coconut flesh and adding it to yogurt and banana to kick start the day. If you’re a person that likes to snack – personally I cannot function at my long castings without something to much on— try dried coconut flakes. Life saving!

Coconut water is great because it aids in weight-loss and helps to keep my skin clear from the inside out.
Coconut water is a nature's natural healer. Whenever I am feeling sick, I drink coconut water.
The best beauty tip that I have, is to use coconut oil as makeup remover. As a model, I have makeup lathered on my face, and face wash or makeup removal wipes just don’t cut it when it comes to taking it all off.  To use coconut oil to remove your makeup, gently rub a few drops of coconut oil all over your face and then wipe it off with cotton wool. Tada! It really couldn’t be easier. From here you can wash your face as normal.
So there you have it, seven uses that us Pietra Dura Creative Management models have for coconuts in our daily lives. They really are quite possibly the most versatile fruit, as every part can be used on a daily basis. I hope that you have learnt something new from us, and that now you too will be able to benefit from coconuts in your day-to day life.