Model Grooming

Many models have what it takes in the looks department to become a successful model, yet they lack in other areas, which later lands up being a set back in this highly competitive industry.
Pietra Dura Creative Management offers a highly exclusive model grooming service with professionals from the industry to people we see major potential in, that we could ultimately sign and push to all the right clients.
There are limited seats available in each course allowing for real hands on, as well as one on one attention to each student.
Prior to acceptance into the course, the models will be chosen by a panel of professionals, including members from the Fashion Week panels.
There are many problems faced by potential models as well as new models, this course helps the individual to overcome those hurdles and teaches them what they need to know in order to be the best, to stand out from the rest.
All the models that enroll in this course will also finish the course with a proper, industry appropriate portfolio shot by leading photographers.  Having a strong book is a must, and shooting the right pictures with the right people is so important, most new comers don’t have access to these people, thus we break that barrier for them.