Francois started his career as a make up artist in the early 80s; he worked with YSL for ten years.It was after shooting a women’s hat catalogue using nude male models that Belgium’s fashion industry‘s interest in Francois was sparked.On a business trip to Milan he met one of Conde Nast’s art directors who loved his work and without delay got him working for Vogue Shopping.In no time at all he was working with La Perla and shot a catalogue for Salvatore Ferragamo. Francois also had an eye for discovering superb talent, making him one of the best scouts of his time, he has shot many of the most famous models of that era. With all the editorials he shot he established a very strong reputation in Paris. Francois booked a shoot for Marie Claire in Cuba. It was then that he fell in love with the country. Having such a good reputation and following meant that Francois was able to set up a system where clients came to Cuba to shoot with him. He lived in Cuba for four years before setting off to travel and shoot in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and India.