Kaustub Kamble

Mumbai based photographer Kaustub Kamble remembers taking photos at family functions with his dad’s camera from a young age, but never intended on getting into photography professionally. For the past seven years Kaustub  has been in the industry as a professional photographer. Kaustub is known for making the models he shoots feel relaxed and at home, getting the best shot out of any environment where he is shooting his amazing use of natural lighting and his quirky sense of humour on set. 
The whole process of photography is special and exciting to Kaustub from conceptualising to executing. As long as he has a camera in hand he is happy. Every shoot he has done has been important and close to him, whether it was a big job or a small one. Kaustub’s final images are so appealing and popular due to their easy nature.
His images are simple, Uncomplicated, Clean, Fresh, and naturally sexy. 
He has shot for many big designers including Manish Malhotra. The first time Manish called him to his office to shoot is one of his special exciting photography memories.Kaustub is also known for shooting quite a few celebrities and magazine covers. Self taught, Kaustub believes being technically aware is very important but for him equally, if  not more important is studying the personality of his subjects and capturing that.Being known for his use of natural light, Kaustub thrives in an outdoor environment where he can use beautiful sunlight.Photography has taken Kaustub to many exciting locations, his most favourite being the Burj Khaliefa in Dubai.